YubiKey Hardware Devices

YubiKey hardware security keys take a leading position among similar devices, provide reliable authentication and set a high quality standard for international standards.

Reliability and security

Easy use

Instant authorization

Miniature design

Rest assured in safety

Yubikeys are hardware security keys, which were developed to protect user credentials in operating systems and web services. Accounts are protected by supporting universal two-factor authentication (FIDO2) protocols, asymmetric encryption, and one-time passwords. A distinctive feature of YubiKey keys is their simplicity and ease of use.

Yubico is the manufacturer of Yubikey — releases new products almost every year. The latest novelty released in October 2021 was Yubikey Bio series – FIDO with biometric scanner. Electronic security keys are manufactured in the USA and Sweden on the basis of technological solutions that imply compliance with international standards for the production of cryptographic products. As a result, users receive guaranteed protection against phishing and data theft by malware. The good news is that you can now buy YubiKey in Ukraine.

Authentication with Yubikey is simple and secure!

Support for many platforms

Today, dozens of services and online services already support YubiKey keys.. Among them are such IT giants as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and popular services GitHub, AWS, Binance.

Single sign-on to many applications

YubiKey Authenticator provides strong password protection for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems and proven data protection on the Internet.

Reliability and simplicity instead of one-time passwords and SMS

Social engineering has unfortunately ruined the reputation of one-time passwords. While The YubiKey USB key provides the simplest authorization with one touch of a button.

Deserved trust of millions of users

Dozens of IT corporations, government and banking institutions, manufacturing companies and retailers trust YubiKey to protect their data. Millions of users in 160 countries of the world are already convinced of the quality of these products.

Why businesses choose YubiKey

YubiKey electronic security keys are ideal for protecting corporate data and confidential information, the leakage of which can cause global losses and jeopardize the development and prosperity of your enterprise. Protect your employees’ accounts from phishing and spyware with a simple and affordable tool. After all the price of YubiKey hardware devices is low, and the investment pays off almost instantly.  

YubiKey for individuals

Unfortunately, hackers are able to harm not only corporations but also ordinary users in order to gain access to bank cards or infect software for further extortion. Connect two-factor authentication to your accounts to forget about these problems forever. Protect your devices, data and online accounts with tools YubiKey, among which there are offers passwordless authentication. You can buy YubiKey in Kiev or order delivery of the kit to any city in Ukraine.

YubiKey as a solution for developers

Connect secure authentication support to the services you develop: mobile applications, web services or software. This feature is implemented using the open source SDK.