YubiKey FIPS

Strong security key for enterprise solutions

Supplied on order only

Industry leading FIPS 140-2 validated hardware authenticator, which is reliable and easy to deploy. The YubiKey FIPS series ensures strong security and defense against phishing and account takeovers. It enables enterprises and government agencies to meet the highest authenticator assurance level of requirements.


Prevents unauthorized access by requiring the physical presence of the key to log in on that device.


Fits nicely on a keychain, in a wallet, or inside a USB port.

Easy to use

Plug it in and touch the gold button or edge; no codes to type or apps to install.


Crushproof and water-resistant, no batteries or moving parts.


The same YubiKey can be used with nearly unlimited services


Use it on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS for Chromebooks.

YubiKey FIPS offering one-touch strong authentication. This device does not contain drivers or special software. One YubiKey supports several cryptographic protocols, you no longer need to have a separate token or smart card for each service and software that you use.

Easily integrable with the most popular services

Use it with popular services like Facebook, Gmail, GitHub, Dropbox, Dashlane, LastPass, Salesforce, Duo, Docker, Centrify, and hundreds more. Configurable for computer login (Windows, Mac, Linux). Follow the instructions that each service provides to register your YubiKey.

Technical Specs:

  • FIPS 140-2 (Overall Level 2, Physical Security Level 3)
  • Crypto Algorithms: RSA 2048, ECC p256, ECC p384
  • FIDO U2F, smart card (PIV), Yubico OTP, OpenPGP OATH-TOTP, OATH-HOTP, and Challenge-Response
  • PIV smart card compatible.
  • Support for PKCS#1
  • Secure element hardware to protect cryptographic keys

Choose your YubiKey

YubiKey comes in four different form factors depending on your needs. The key chain form factor is designed to keep YubiKey with you. The Nano form factor is small enough to stay in your computer’s USB port. There is also a choice between USB-A and USB-C form factors.

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