The key to strong authentication.


YubiKey Strong corporate authentication

YubiKey makes it easy to deploy reliable authentication that eliminates account hijacking by phishing attacks.

YubiKey for business

Secure authentication for companies and government organizations

• Strong two-factor authentication.
• Protects against phishing.
• Reduces IT costs.
• Ease of use, speed, and reliability.

YubiKey for individuals

Excellent protection of online accounts.

• Allows you to securely log in to your accounts from computers and phones with just a tap.
• Works instantly with hundreds of popular online services.
• Durable and waterproof, no batteries or moving parts.

YubiKey for developers

Ready for open source integration

• Free APIs, libraries, source code and documentation.
• Multi-factor authentication developer tools.
• Cryptographic features that are available for standard servers.