YubiKey’s hardware exchange and return policy

Welcome to YubiKey’s trusted hardware store to protect your online accounts and information. Our team always strives to provide high-quality service and reliable products that meet your needs for protecting your digital identity.

However, we understand that there may be occasions when you need to apply for an exchange or return of purchased items. We strive to ensure the maximum comfort and satisfaction of our customers, complying with the current legislation of Ukraine and providing additional guarantees.

For your convenience, we have prepared exchange and return rules that take into account the laws of Ukraine on consumer rights, and also provide the opportunity to return YubiKey hardware devices in the event that a defective product is found during the warranty period.

Please read our exchange and return policy before purchasing. This will help avoid misunderstandings and ensure a successful exchange or return of goods, if necessary.

Exchange of goods

1.1. Replacement of a defective product. If the YubiKey hardware device is found to be defective within the 12-month warranty period, you are entitled to a free replacement with a new, authentic device or a refund.

1.2. Replacement of unnecessary goods. If you wish to exchange your YubiKey hardware device for another model, please contact our support team. The exchange is carried out on the condition that you have kept the receipt, the product has not been used within 14 days from the moment of receipt of the product, and its packaging has remained undamaged. At the same time, the recalculation for the product takes place at the current prices on the website.

Product return

2.1. Returns for no apparent reason. According to the laws of Ukraine, you have the right to return the YubiKey hardware device within 14 days from the moment of receipt of the product without specifying an obvious reason, for example: if the color does not match or you changed your mind. Returns are possible only if the packaging has not been damaged and the product is in the condition in which you received it.

2.2. Return of low-quality goods. If you receive a defective YubiKey hardware device, you have the right to return it within the warranty period of 12 months for an exchange or a full refund. The product may be deemed to be of poor quality in cases where it has manufacturing defects / does not work / does not work properly.

The warranty does not apply to the product:

  • that has been altered or modified by anyone other than Yubico;
  • was not stored under generally accepted conditions or was not used for the purpose established by Yubico’s recommended rules;
  • subjected to abnormal physical or electrical impact, misuse, negligence or accident;
  • has traces of intentional alteration or removal of the serial number other than normal wear and tear;
  • was provided free of charge by Yubico.

2.3. Return request. To initiate the exchange or return process, please contact our support service using the contacts listed on our website. Add order details and the reason for returning the product to the application.

2.4. The goods are returned through Nova Poshta.

Refund of payment

3.1. In case of approval of the exchange and return of the goods, the payment will be returned to your account within the period established by the legislation of Ukraine — that is, within 7 days after confirmation of receipt of the returned goods by the warehouse.

3.2. If the product is subject to return or exchange at the request of the customer (return without apparent reason), the payment for delivery by the Seller is not refundable. You pay for the delivery service yourself.

3.3. If the product has to be replaced due to quality inconsistency (is defective), the Seller, in addition to refunding the money for the paid product, pays for delivery to the warehouse.


Thank you for trusting and choosing YubiKey! We appreciate your support and trust and are committed to doing everything we can to ensure your satisfaction and safety while using our devices.


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The Kernel team is the official YubiKey distributor in Ukraine.