Shipping and payment

LLC “The Kernel” – the official distributor of Yubico products in Ukraine


For individuals:

  • • After purchasing in the online store, you will be billed for payment.
  • • Payment is made by credit card through the LiqPay payment system.

How to pay via LiqPay:

LiqPay is a payment system that accepts all Visa and MasterCard cards issued by any bank in the world.


  • • Open system – only a mobile phone is needed to register and enter the system;

  • • High security – every time you enter the system a unique dynamic password is generated;

  • • Global – there are no restrictions on the country, mobile operator or banking institution;

After choosing this payment method, the program will transfer you to the system page. Fill in the fields with the details of your credit card:

  • • Card number is 16 digits on the front side of your payment card;

  • • Validity period – you can see under the card number;

  • • CVV2 / CVC2 is the code on the back of the payment card, which is printed under the magnetic tape and consists of 3 digits. Visa calls it CVV2, and MasterCard calls it CVC2.

Shipping and payment

After specifying all the data, click “Confirm” and the “Phone” field will appear on the screen. Enter your number to which the payment confirmation code will be sent to you. In the “Password” field, enter the received code and click “Pay”.

Thus, the order will be paid. The time for making a payment through a PrivatBank payment card is several minutes, the card of another bank – up to 40 minutes.

We are always glad to help you.


For legal entities:

Download the YubiKey Key Purchase Application Form


Express delivery Nova Posta in Ukraine

From the moment the parcel is delivered to the courier service, the responsibility for the safety and integrity of the parcel is completely transferred to the courier service.


Pickup from the office in Kyiv is temporarily suspended.


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Shipping and payment