Application for reliable authentication

Yubico Authenticator

A secure application for secure authentication on computers and mobile phones, which increases the level of security of accounts on the Internet.
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Yubico Authenticator is your extra layer of security

Compatible with YubiKey 5and YubiKey FIPS hardware key series
2FA protection

Generates codes for two-step verification on mobile devices or computers.


Works with iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems, supports NFC

Supports YubiKey

Protects accounts in services that are compatible with other authenticators.

Importantly! With Yubico Authenticator, you can use YubiKeys to secure accounts on any service, even those that don’t support security key authentication. It is enough that the service supports any application for 2FA, such as authenticators from Google or Microsoft.

Yubico Authenticator

How Yubico Authenticator works

Unlike functionally similar applications, in which it is enough to open the application to receive the code, and the secret key for generating one-time passwords is stored directly in the application’s memory, Yubico Authenticator stores the secret on the physical YubiKey. So to start displaying one-time passwords on the screen, you need to connect the dongle or hold the YubiKey up to the device on which the authenticator is installed. That way, even if your device falls into third-party hands, they won’t be able to read the one-time passwords to your accounts.

We compare authenticators

This is best understood by comparing authenticators.

How Yubico Authenticator works

  1. The application generates a secret key (in the form of a string or a QR code).
  2. The authenticator receives the secret key and stores it in the YubiKey’s secret key store (almost impossible to extract).
  3. The authenticator is unlocked using the YubiKey.
  4. The authenticator then generates a one-time code based on cryptographic calculations with the secret key and the current time.

How the classic authenticator works

  1. The application generates a secret key (in the form of a string or a QR code).
  2. The authenticator receives the key and stores it in the device’s memory (while it can be removed).
  3. The authenticator generates a one-time code based on cryptographic calculations and taking into account the current time.

This method of additional protection of your password is more reliable, because even if an attacker with the help of spyware can remotely steal information from your device, he will still not be able to log into the account without the YubiKey security key.

Benefits of Yubico Authenticator

The most reliable hardware protection

Keeping secrets on security keys is more secure than on other devices: phones, laptops or tablets. Because unlike them, information from security keys cannot be read or copied.

Easy and simple setup

If you have worked with other authenticator programs, then working with this application will be intuitive for you. To add an account, you just need to generate the code offered by the site and register the key.


Protect multiple work and personal records

The application allows you to store multiple accounts and multiple security keys. You can generate security codes that will be stored in a secret key store and will never be shared with other services.


Access data on different devices

Since the user’s secrets are stored directly on the YubiKey security keys, even if the device is lost or damaged or the system is reinstalled, access to the accounts is not lost. So you can access your accounts by downloading the authenticator again and connecting the YubiKey.


Getting Started with Yubico Authenticator

To get started with Yubico Authenticator, you need to select a version and download it to your device. It’s free.

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After downloading the application, register your key in it. After that, you can start connecting additional protection in your accounts.
If you have not yet chosen a security key, you can do so in our online store.