Using your YubiKey with Facebook

With hardware security keys, you can get the additional protection of two-factor authentication to make your login procedure secure. Follow these step-by-step instructions to easily set up a U2F security key to work with your Facebook accounts.


  • A computer with a USB port and the latest version of one of the next browsers:
    • Google Chrome (version 38 or later).
    • Mozilla Firefox (version 60 or later).
    • Opera (version 40 or later).

Setting up a YubiKey with a Facebook account

  1. On a computer, use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click icon Settings and account, then choose Settings.
  3. In the left pane, select Security & Login.
  4. To the right of the Use two-factor authentication section, click Edit.
    • If two-factor authentication is not configured yet, click Get Started. Or if two-factor authentication is on, then skip to Step 7.
  5. Select the most convenient method of one-time password authentication.
  6. To the right of Security Key, click Settings.
  7. Plug a YubiKey into a USB port, when the YubiKey starts to blink, tap the button or golden edge on the YubiKey.
  8. Enter a name for the security key, then click Continue, and then click Done.
    • If you need to set up additional YubiKeys, click Add New Security Key, then repeat steps 7-8 until all keys have been registered.

Note: Facebook requires you to provide your phone number in order to be able to send you SMS with OTPs as a fallback authentication method.

Other Useful Resources

  • Your security key can be used with other websites while also being used for your Facebook account. See the Support section in the top menu.
  • If you’re having trouble adding or using your security key, try clearing your cache and temporary data. Also try restarting your computer or mobile device.
  • If you’re running Linux, you’ll need to follow this additional step to use your security key.
  • If you want to opt out of SMS as an authentication method, you can instead use the Security Key and Code Generator with your Facebook account.
  • For now, you can use your security key to sign in to Facebook from a computer, a compatible mobile browser, or an NFC-enabled mobile device*.

See the comparison chart for available security keys.

* NFC compatible security key — YubiKey 5 NFC.


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